What is HackUSU?

300+ Students • 24 Hours • March 24-25, 2023
We're HackUSU, Utah's largest and oldest student-run hackathon. Each year, hundreds of students and professionals meet at Utah State University for competitions and workshops related software, data analytics, hardware, and more!
You won't find malicious basement hackers trying to break into private servers at hackathons. Hackathons are weekend-long events hosted by a variety of universities and colleges across the country who pride themselves in encouraging students to 'hack' a solution to difficult technical problems. The 'hackathon' name has risen in recent years to represent student collaboration and interaction around hardware and software.
Here's what students will be doing at HackUSU 2023:
  • Team competitions in a variety of categories
  • Workshops on topics related to software engineering, data analytics, and hardware development
  • Networking with recruiters and engineers from our sponsors

Why Sponsor?

HackUSU provides a unique medium to bring your company to center stage and interact with the next generation of innovators from around the Midwest. Here are 3 ways that our sponsors benefit the most by getting involved:


What could be better than a building full of ambitious students willing to spend an entire weekend creating and hacking together new tech? Set up a table with us and get unparalleled access to university talent, resumes, interview rooms, and non-stop networking opportunities!


Sponsorship is a great way to accelerate brand recognition and allow students to explore your product's potential. We have arranged a variety of options for getting your name in front of our hackers including keynote presentations, swag, and custom competition categories!


Would you like to see how both new and experienced developers use your technology or services? You can either sponsor a competition category, or award a separate prize to whichever team you believe utilizes your tech the best.

Sponsorship Benefits

We can help you promote your brand, recruit students, and provide presentation opportunities
Contact us
Send engineers and mentors
Host workshops
Company info-session
Resume Access
Recruiting table
Recruiting Event Only
Logo on website
Logo on event t-shirts
Your swag included in swag bags
Sponsored competition category
Keynote presentation
Prominent company branding at check-in, keynote, and awards ceremony

Ready to Learn More?

Let us know which sponsorship package you're interested in, or work with us to put together opportunities that work best for you!

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