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About HackUSU

Started in 2015, HackUSU is an annual 24 hr technology competiton and conference hosted at Utah State University.
Every year, hundreds of students come to USU from across Utah and Idaho to build projects and attend workshops related to topics from game development and data analytics to hardware and security. The event venue is open overnight, and many teams stay up working all 24 hours!

What is hacking?

"Hacking" at this event isn't about breaking into computer systems, it's about quickly building a project that showcases your skills and demonstrates your ability to think outside the box.

Who can participate?

All college students and high school seniors are invited to participate! Most are from USU, but about 30% typically come in from other schools across Utah and Idaho. Students of all skill levels are welcome to attend to learn more!

What can students do at the event?

HackUSU is a 24 hour overnight event with plenty of activities offered including:
  • Competitions to build projects related to software development, data analytics, hardware, and more!
  • Workshops to learn more about a variety of technical topics
  • Activities to get to know students from other programs and schools
  • Network with employers to find out about internship and career opportunities
  • Free food and snacks!

HackUSU 2023 Stats

From high school seniors, all the way to Ph.D. students!
Students attended from 12 different universities, community colleges, and high schools from across Utah and Idaho
Competition categories included game development, security, data analytics, and more!
I really loved the workshops, they helped me get a foot in the door for many concepts I wanted to learn more about but did not know where I could learn about it.– Chandler Peterson, Student
Hackathons aren't just about gaining programming skills. They are about building up our communities, and becoming an innovative generation. This is something awesome, and I'm proud to be a part of it.– Cory Christensen, Student

Attending HackUSU for Media

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Email us at if you plan on attending HackUSU so we can add you to the guest list.

Parking and Check-in

Members of the media should contact us at to arrange parking on campus. We will coordinate with the USU Parking Office to provide any necessary permits for free.
After arriving, please check-in at the north entrance of Huntsman Hall to pick up your badge. You are welcome to attend all portions of the event and join us for any of the meals.

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