Thanks for coming to HackUSU 2024!
We'll see you again next year! 🎉

Location and Parking

Huntsman Hall building

Huntsman Hall

HackUSU 2024 will be in Huntsman Hall at Utah State University on March 1st and 2nd

Student Parking

Overnight parking will be available in the Big Blue Parking Terrace. Staff parking lots on campus may be used for daytime parking on Saturday.
Google Maps: Parking Terrace

Busses, Vans, and Accessible Parking

The overnight parking terrace has a maximum clearance of 7 ft. For schools bringing busses or large vans, please contact us in advance for details on alternate parking. If accessible parking is required, we can provide a permit from the USU Parking Office.


Check-in will open at 4:00 PM on Friday at the Huntsman Hall north entrance.
Google Maps: Huntsman Hall

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