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Featured Projects

2023 Grand Champion

Zen Garden

Aaron Roth, Daniel Mortenson, Carter Nettesheim
Free RTOS, ESP async web server, stepper motor, arduino, Fusion 360, Ultimaker Cura
We 3D modeled, printed, and developed software to drive mini tractors to rake the sand in a Zen Garden. The brains of the tractors are ESP32 microcontrollers. The ESP32 controls 2 stepper motors using tank controls to propel, and steer the tractor forward. The esp32 also hosts a wi-fi network. If co...
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Featured 2023 Submissions

These are just some of the great projects teams have created at HackUSU!


Josh McClung, Wesley Edwards, Elise Francis, Abby Israelsen
React, TypeScript, Express, Prisma, MaterialUI, generate-ical
TohDoh: “Pick up grandma” Scheduling web app! To-do apps have been a hot topic especially within the programming classes at USU. Well now you never need to worry about forgetting to pick up grandma because our team has created a to-do app that will end all to-do apps – TohDoh! On the TohDoh web app ...
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Bloons Tower Defense 1 Clone

I recreated an Adobe Flash game from my childhood, Bloons Tower Defense 1! I used the assets from the original game. It's built using TypeScript and renders to an HTML canvas.

Shakespearean English Translator and Generator

Cailean Bushnell, Landon Work
Pandas, Numpy, torch, tqdm, GPT2
Our project takes a LLM (GPT2) and finetunes it to our specific use case, translating or generating Shakespearean English. After training the model, we then created a web app using Flask which loads and leverages our model or translation and generation. Through out web app we can feed prompts to our...
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National Parks Interactive Planning

Isaac Holcomb, Isaac Black, Tom Waite, Kaden Yardley
Streamlit, Pandas, OpenAI, Plotly, Numpy, LeafMap
Our project is an online website that displays an interactive map along with the top 5 parks to visit in the current month. This list was made by us from a consideration of multiple factors including weather and visitor information. The interactive map allows you to select parks and when selected wi...
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MINDful Hand

Alexander Berryhill
ScikitLearn, Pyserial, Muse2, pyLSL, BlueMuse
This project involves creating a mechanical hand using recycled materials that can be controlled by the user's thoughts using brain control technology. The hand is controlled using machine learning algorithms based on data acquired from the user's brain signals. The project uses Python and scikit-le...
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Sigmund Seranilla, Trevor Neri
ArcGIS, Google Colab, Python, Pandas
Los Angeles has a reputation for being one of the most crime-ridden cities in the United States. While the city has made significant progress in reducing crime rates in recent years, it still struggles with a variety of criminal activities, including gang violence, drug trafficking, theft, and prope...
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Graph Neural Network for Drug Discovery

Logan Ray, Tyler English, Randy Pierce, Michael Harris
Streamlit, Pytorch Geometric, Pickle, Torch, Matplotlib
Our project uses a Graph Neural Network, or GNN, to analyze the Zinc database and identify potential drug candidates. The Zinc database is a large collection of purchasable compounds that can be used for drug discovery. Traditional methods for identifying potential drug candidates from this database...
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The Matrix IRL

Justin Roylance, Logan Nielsen
Networking between multiple VR HMDs to support multiple concurrent users in a single Virtual Environment interacting with each other and the environment. To showcase this feature, we built a nice park scene complete with a ping-pong table, football, mini golf course, basketball court, and a maze. Us...
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Lesliee Cruz, Na Rah
React, MUI, Firebase, MongoDB
Coping with loss can be a daily challenge, and many people struggle to find ways to honor and remember their loved ones. Our web application is designed to provide personalized support and companionship for those experiencing loss. Through our platform, users can celebrate the lives of their loved o...
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