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About the Competition

Registration & Teams

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Get ready for the hackathon! Whether you prefer to compete solo or team up with a group of up to 4 people, the choice is yours. Everyone must register individually before the event starts. If you're looking for a team but haven't found one yet, just mention it on the registration form, and we'll help connect you get connected. You don't need to declare your team members in advance, but when it's time to submit your project for judging, make sure to list everyone who contributed.


Flex your cybersecurity skills by finding and fixing vulnerabilities, creating solid defense plans, or crafting nifty security solutions to protect and strengthen critical infrastructure!
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Game Dev
Multiple-use mechanics: Slashing with your sword in Hollow Knight builds up your magic power. Mario's jump acts as both a navigation ability and as an attack. How many uses for a mechanic can you roll together?
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Get hands-on with cool gadgets – Create an edge node passive RADAR using microcontrollers. Microcontrollers (limit of 8 teams) and challenge details to be provided at the event.
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AI & Machine Learning
Do you know SQL? Do you know Python? Perfect! Give this competition a try at HackUSU on March 1-2, 2024. Koch (a strong USU corporate partner) + Snowflake (a leading data platform solution) have joined forces to sponsor an AI & Machine Learning track at HackUSU. You'll be given a real dataset, access to Snowflake, and a task to build ML model to answer a specific business question. And guess what? The judges are on the lookout for talent + there are some awesome prizes up for grabs.Read the getting started guide →
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Data Analytics & Visualization
Analyze a dataset and present your interesting findings!
Business Solutions
Craft a great business proposal for a cool app, platform, or system that tackles real-world issues. No technical expertise needed!


  • You must be current university, community college, or high school student; or have graduated less than one year ago.
  • Each team may have 1-4 participants.
  • Each team may only submit one project.
  • When presenting your project for judging, you must disclose any code not written during the event including any major 3rd party packages/libraries that were used.
  • You must be physically present at the event to participate in the competition and win prizes.
  • You must follow the USU student code and the HackUSU code of conduct. See the safety page for more details.


During the judging phase, you will have 10 minutes to present your project and seek feedback from judges. Judges will determine beginner and advanced winners in each category.

Judging Criteria:

  • TECHNOLOGY: How technically impressive was the project? Was the problem difficult? Did the team use a clever technique?
  • DESIGN: How well designed is the user interface/experience? Are the graphics impressive?
  • COMPLETION: Does the project work? Did the team achieve what they wanted?
  • LEARNING: Did team members try to learn something new? Did they attempt something different than they had worked on before? This is especially important for the beginner prize.
Team members presenting project to judges

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